Tagines are Perfect for Cooking Healthy Dishes

Covered Tagine on Table

If you’re a love of Moroccan food, thinking about this cuisine probably brings to mind the delicious, slow-cooked, spicy meat dishes that are slowly and gently cooked in the magical tagine. What is a tagine? The word refers to a conical-shaped dish used to cook food, and it is also used to refer to the food cooked in this dish as well. 

It’s the unique, conical shape of this dish that results in a unique cooking environment that is both hot and moist. The base of the dish is shallow and wide and the conical lid fits inside snugly. While the food is cooking, the steam rises up in the cone. Then, it condenses and begins to slide down the sides into the dish once again. Cooking with a tagine is much like cooking with a Dutch oven or a crock pot. 

Since the tagine is both a cooking dish and a serving dish that will keep your food warm, cooking in this vessel is a bit different. The cooking process is great for making healthy, delicious foods. Just like in a slow cooker, the food in a tagine is boiled or steamed instead of being fried. Meats and veggies are often used in a tagine, combined with a bit of olive oil and favorite seasonings, and then the food is left to cook for hours uninterrupted. Dishes that have lamb or beef in them may take 4-5 hours of simmering, while chicken dishes may only take 2-3 hours. When you cook in a tagine, you’ll get food that is packed with flavor, and you’ll usually end up with a thick, tasty sauce as well. 

If you enjoy slow cooking food and going with healthy dishes, you’re sure to enjoy cooking in a tagine. You’ll get the delicious, slow-cooked flavor with the unique twist that clay ware adds to all your favorite dishes.


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