Menu Planning without the Added Sugar

Skull & Cross Bones Made from Sugar

It seems as though most foods we buy these days has added sugar in them. That makes healthy menu planning a challenge. The good news is that finding foods that are healthy, sweet, and enjoyable does not have to be a chore. It merely requires a little forethought and some determination. In this naturally-sweet blog, we help you out with the forethought.

Healthy Food Choices

The idea behind healthy eating is not specifically about counting calories. If you want to be successful, the process needs to be as easy as possible. That means easy to plan meals, easy to find ingredients, and the knowledge to put the two together to create food that is satisfying and healthy.

To that end, the process of menu planning without the added sugar begins at the Metabolic Research Center where you can find a boatload of easy to follow recipes that are made with easy to find ingredients and that are wonderfully satisfying. Because you are switching from buying packaged foods to using fresh foods and quality ingredients you can skip over the "added sugar" part of the American diet.

Adding Sweetness to Your Diet

Many popular diets tell you to avoid eating fruit. What nonsense. Your body needs the natural sugars, sweetness, vitamin packed goodness that fresh fruits provide. The key is to monitor portion size. Yes, enjoy a half a banana or a small glass of orange juice. Yes, go ahead and have that handful of grapes. Weight loss and healthy eating should be a way of life, not a fad. If you consider fad diets for a moment you might realize that they never prepare you for what comes after you lose that five pounds. What are you supposed to do then? Go back to eating like you were? That is the problem with diets. They leave you hanging. You are not a pinata.

What You Should Avoid

Don't buy fruit juice. Instead, concentrate on just enjoy the fruit. Don't buy soda. You cannot drink it if it is not in the house. Avoid buying foods that may tempt you. Instead, add healthy snacks such as veggies and dips. Avoid sugar as an ingredient. Switch to another type of sweetener and then use it sparingly. Agave syrup is an excellent example of a natural sweetener.

Plan for desserts. There are healthy desserts that allow you to enjoy a bit of sweetness without enjoying the entire carton of ice cream. If you are ready to invest in your health by making a positive change to healthy eating then stop by the Metabolic Research Center where you can find amazing support for gaining health, losing weight, and making the whole process easy.


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