Lifestyle Choices Can Lower Triglycerides

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Triglycerides are a concoction fatty acids and glycerol. This is a natural compound that our body forms from fats which it stores as an energy source for later usage. If you have a jiggly stomach, double chin, or underarm fat you have triglycerides.

Triglycerides and bad cholesterol go hand-in-hand. So many people who are health conscious look for ways to decrease triglycerides so that they can lose weight, gain health, and lower bad cholesterol.

Can you make lifestyle choices that help to lower triglycerides? Yes you can. Our body makes triglycerides from the foods that we eat. So changing your diet is one of the most powerful ways to lower your triglyceride levels.

What Kinds of Foods Have Triglycerides?

The big culprits are foods that are high in saturated fats. So cutting butter out of your diet is good for you. Saturated cooking oils are another source of triglycerides. Saturated fats are an obvious choice, but for people who are serious about getting healthy, there are other foods you should avoid.

Refined sugars are a fuel source for your body. What this means is that your body uses these easy fuels and does not burn your stored fat. Cut down or eliminate refined sugars from your diet.

What else is on the chopping block? Dairy products that are not low-fat. Alcohol too is a fuel. These foods work against you when you want to lose fats and lower your cholesterol.

What Should You Eat to Lower Your Triglycerides Level?

Garlic, beans, spinach, avocado, nuts and oats are six foods that help lower triglycerides levels. There are some omega 3 fatty foods too like salmon that help. For a sweet treat, try watermelon. If you want a glass of wine, make it red wine. Swap coffee for a cup of black tea. These foods all help you lower your triglycerides level.

If you are ready to get healthy and enjoy a better diet, just check out the services at the Metabolic Research Center. There you will find the menus as well as the support you need to discover the healthier you.


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