Five Ways Hiking is Great for Health and Weight Loss

Hiking We Time

Springtime is here. Why not take advantage of the rising temperatures to switch up your exercise routine? Here are five reasons why hiking is a great way to lose weight, tone up and get a whole new perspective.

  1. Hiking is a better workout: Waking flat city surfaces is an adequate workout.  But if you really want to tone up, hiking provides a more effective and varied workout. That's because traversing the uneven terrain of grass, hills, rocks, etc. use more muscles than does flat-surface walking.
  2. Hiking is a change of pace: Let's face it - spinning away on a treadmill at the gym is only so interesting. Outside of a TV screen, the view doesn't change much. But hiking provides a plethora of possible views. The city skyline, the park, the river, the beach, the woods - Depending upon where you live, the views are endless.
  3. Hiking is a de-stresser: Studies have shown that being among nature is a prime stress reliever and can help lower incidences of depression.
  4. Hiking is a chance to disconnect: Need a little me-time? Taking a solo hike offers a chance to get away for a bit to think, reflect and recharge.
  5. Hiking is a chance to reconnect: On the other hand, hiking also offers a chance to reconnect with your significant other, your kids or your best bud. Leave the technology behind and get some face time while you get a workout together.

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