Don't Agonize....CELEBRATE!



For those of us who have been on long-term diets, the mere thought of food can induce unnecessary stress. After all, we need food to sustain life. Don't let food become a constant source of stress and worry for you. Find ways to celebrate food and yourself, instead!

Find those delicious whole foods that you truly love and build meals around those. Maybe the warm sweetness of a baked sweet potato brings back memories of family holidays; or maybe the tartness of a crisp apple reminds you of what is best about fall. Roast a head of cauliflower as a hot, salty treat. Whatever your favorites, find ways to work those into your meal plan several times a week.

Meatless meals are a great way to create indulgent meals with fresh, whole foods. Embrace an exotic cuisine that dishes up flavorful food without the calories that meat brings. A delicious Indian chickpea curry, for example, provides healthy complex flavors, plenty of protein, and a sense of decadence.

Put a Support System in Place

Most folks who lose weight are able to do so due to their support system. They surround themselves with other people who walk the walk and talk the talk. Whether it is a group of family members or friends, make sure that you are not walking the weight loss path alone. Celebrating a healthy lifestyle, whether it is a morning exercise routine or your favorite recipes and potluck dinners, is easier when you have company.


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