Do You Have a 'No Pain, No Gain' Mind Set

Runner with Painful Look

You've probably heard the catch phrase "No pain, no gain" applied to workout routines at the local gym. After all, everyone knows the more it hurts the greater the reward for the physical expenditure. And, though it may be true for professional athletes or soldiers headed to a combat zone, most of us never need to commit to this level of sacrifice to implement an exercise program that supports our weight loss plan. In fact, physical exertion to the point of discomfort may do more harm than good, especially for those with a bad back or existing joint problems.

So which hard-nosed coach from the early days of professional sports came up with this doom-or-gloom exercise motto? None of them. In fact the earliest record of pain versus gain is found in the second-century scrolls of Rabbi Ben Hei who said, "According to the pain is the gain". This spiritual message appears to have made it to our country in the early eighteenth century when Benjamin Franklin wrote in his Poor Richard's Almanack, "He that lives upon hope will die fasting. There are no gains, without pains." Not a fan of physical activities himself, Franklin's comments were intended to accent the path of developing wealth through the growth of industries.

Although it is true that building more muscle mass supports an improved burn for anyone who is starting a weight loss program, aggressively tearing muscle fibers to increase muscle density is simply not necessary. A daily routine based on a blended exercise regimen will be just as (if not more) effective when you're trying to achieve hormonal balance, lose weight, and restore your health and wellness. To learn more about a personalized weight loss program designed to meet your specific needs, contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you. We offer a free consultant with a weight loss specialist who will provide the education and motivation that you need for success. 


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