Impact to Nutrients of Processed Foods

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There are a number of ways to approach the way that processed foods impact the nutritional value of foods. In this blog, we lightly touch on the health of processed and the way that vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are affected by the processing of foods.

The Process and the Impact on Nutrition

The best nutrition comes from the freshest foods, and that means foods that are not processed. The cooking process reduces the quality of vitamins and minerals, and it destroys the natural enzymes that are found in food. So right off the bat, processed foods lose nutritional value. To help overcome this, manufacturers add chemicals to food. The bottom line here is that you get more nutrition from eating fresh foods. So why not just eat fresh foods?

The Contents of Process Foods

Many, not all, processed foods have three main ingredients. Those are salt, sugar, and fat. If you are trying to lose weight or gain health, salt, sugar and fat are the three things that you should manage. Excessive amounts of salt and bad fats can lead to cardiac disease, and sugar is a prime ingredient for blood sugar spikes and the onset of diabetes. These are typically not healthy ingredients (although good fats can be beneficial), and sadly when it comes to process foods, these are common ADDED ingredients.

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