Food Trucks for Today's Healthy Eaters

Healthy Menu Food Trucks

Is there such a thing? There are food trucks that focus on healthy foods, but like every restaurant that you go to it all boils down to the food choices that you make. Learning to eat healthy foods does not mean that you have to go bland. There are plenty of creative ways to make delicious foods that are also healthy. Here is a look at some easy ways to choose healthy foods from a food truck. 

Think energy

Some foods release energy slowly, while others pump you up and then drop off suddenly. On the way down you start craving more food, and that is when binge eating occurs. Rather than reach for that candy bar grab an apple. Not only does the Apple have fewer calories, but as you digest it, it releases its energy slowly. The apple gives you a longer and more satisfying meal than do sugary treats. 

The same lesson applies to foods. Salsa is a better choice than ketchup. Pizza's can be made with alternative ingredients and great toppings such as spinach, zucchini, and eggplant. The problem with pizza is all of those carbs in the crust and cheese. The good news for pizza lovers is that there are many alternative crusts. Some use cauliflower or squash to create an alternative that is healthy, low in fat and fewer carbs. So build it healhty and dig in.. lunch does not have to be boring. 

If you need help finding new foods that are good to eat and healthy too then consider using a weight loss service like the Metabolic Research Center. A menu plan will help you prepare meals using menus that offer the best taste, fewest calories, and still wow your taste buds. If weight loss is your goal, learning a few new tricks can help you shed the pounds and still enjoy meals. Call MRC today.


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