The Truth About Store-Bought Condiments

Big Bowl of Ketchup

Without thinking, most people use ketchup, mayonnaise, barbeque sauce and other store-bought condiments. This does not mean that all food purchased from a store instead of being made at home is bad. However, making your own sauces and toppings could help you watch your sodium and sugar intake.

Ideas for Making Healthy Sauces

The number one trick in reducing sodium and salt when eating condiments is to choose recipes with alternative ingredients. For instance, you can find a ketchup recipe that uses an increase of onion and garlic powders in lieu of extra sugar and salt. Likewise, if you must have mayonnaise, you can make your own at home and control the amount of sugar and salt you have in it.

Another healthy alternative is to try adding low-fat Greek or regular plain yogurt with your mayonnaise. Whether it be the store-bought or homemade version, this condiment will have less saturated fat, sugar and salt. By the way, experimenting with adding olive oil to this mixture can help you create a spread with less eggs or animal fats in it.

Other Ways to Reduce Salt and Sugar

You also can use other ingredients to help you reduce salt and sugar. For instance, you might find some of the dried salt-free seasoning blends on the market tasty. Some of these contain dried lemon, cumin, pepper and other spices you can use to make your salads, potatoes or other foods taste better.

Similar steps area also recommended for making your own salsa, guacamole and other sauces that typically have high-sodium and high-sugar preservatives in them. What is more, you can freeze many of these sauces at least for a few weeks to a few months for later use.


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