Should You Add Grapefruit to your Menu Plan?

Couple Eating Grapefruit

Grapefruit. That mysteriously sweet and bitter fruit that can seem like either a blessing or a curse to your eating plan. It’s a particular taste, but should it be added to your diet whether you favor it or not? There have been fad diets based around the grapefruit, and some swear by the benefits of having one with your breakfast religiously every morning, but what have studies shown?

According to Heidi J Silver, PH. D, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s Center for Human Nutrition, there has been little scientific data gathered over the years to indicate that grapefruit is as radically involved in weight loss, besides the study performed by the Scripps Clinic in 2004.

However, in comparison to these modest findings, there are plenty of websites with unproven claims of almost miracle affects of drastic grapefruit diets. Although grapefruit may initially help a person feel full and satiated, it shouldn’t be substituted for other necessary foods, as some of the fad diets boldly suggest.

All in all, the benefits of adding grapefruit to your diet lay primarily in the fact that it is a low calorie food item that is packed with important vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin A, C and B are an important addition to any diet, and Grapefruit is a great way to get them. So the verdict is that since grapefruit is so rich in nutrients, it actually a great addition to your eating plan- it just shouldn’t be the only thing on your eating plan. But we’d love to give you more advice on what to add and subtract from your custom menu! Come in to your nearest location for a free consultation!


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