Is Watermelon a Year-Round Super Food?

Seedless Watermelon

Thanks to modern distribution of food products, we have access to all kinds of fruit even when it is wintertime. And today, watermelon is one fruit that can be enjoyed every month of the year.

Originally grown in Egypt, watermelon has won a place at tables worldwide. Through quality gardening and botanical engineering, watermelon has evolved to offer consumers many seeded and seedless varieties. Most people are familiar with the deep red flesh offset by black seeds, but nowadays there are exotic varieties with odd shapes and yellow or orange meat inside. Typically just the flesh of the watermelon is consumed, but the whole fruit is edible including the seeds, which can be toasted and eaten like almonds. In many areas, the parts that we typically throw away are prized for their unique flavor profile. Some cultures use the rind in sweet relishes and jams.

Watermelon and Weight Loss

For those of us who want to lose weight, watermelon offers quite a few benefits. As a fruit, watermelon lives up to its name. It contains about 91 percent water, which is something our bodies always need. Watermelon also contains around 6 percent sugar, but its good sugar (not refined). Our bodies use natural sugars much differently than they do refined sugars. What this means for dieters is that natural sugars are a good energy source that goes farther without causing the large sugar crash that happens when you eat refined sweets.

Sometimes when you feel hungry, your body is really telling you that it is dehydrated. The benefit of eating watermelon as a snack or dessert is that you are satisfying a sweet tooth while consuming water at the same time. Water helps to fill you up and stops the urge to eat when you are actually thirsty. Add in the fact that watermelon is full of vitamin C and, if you eat the rind (checkout stir-fry or pickling recipes), you'll get a huge dose of citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that is commonly converted by our kidneys into arginine another important amino acid. To round out the benefits of watermelon, it is very low in salt and fat.

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