Hidden Sugar at Breakfast



We've been hearing for years that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" but many of us rarely take the time to prepare a nice meal in the morning. This leads us to stopping by a restaurant, coffee shop, or smoothie café on the way to work. While there are healthy options to be found at any of these places, there is also an abundance of hidden sugar. Knowing what to look out for can really help you keep the weight off while still breaking your fast from the night before.

Smoothies: With ingredients like bananas, fresh berries, peanut butter, and protein, it's easy to see why many regard smoothies as a real health food. You might not know it but your favorite morning smoothie may include a hefty dose of sugar. Some contain as many as 86 grams of sugar which is almost 22 teaspoons. Instead of asking for the diet alternatives, just ask for no additional sweeteners at all. Often the fruit provides enough sweetness to make every sip of your smoothie enjoyable.

Coffee: Everyone enjoys their morning coffee to jump-start their day. But before you take a sip of that caramel latte, remember that coffee retailers know the one simple truth, that sugar makes things taste pretty darned great. Some of the most popular coffee drinks at chain restaurants can contain far more sugar than their soda counterparts, sometimes even twice as much. We still want you to enjoy your cup of Joe, but first do quick online search of the ingredients lists before your next order.

"Healthy" Fast Food: Just when you thought that avoiding the greasy breakfast sandwiches and opting for oatmeal or yogurt was the healthy choice, your favorite fast food chain went and slipped sugar into your breakfast. Whether it’s the 32g of sugar in your fruit & maple oatmeal or the 6 teaspoons of sugar in your yogurt parfait, you're definitely getting more than you bargained for with these "healthy" options.


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