Controlling Stressors May Be Critical to Managing Your Weight

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We eat for different reasons, mostly because we are hungry. We also eat because we are bored, depressed, overjoyed, or extremely stressed. Eating because we are depressed or stressed can lead to excessive weight gain. When we are under stress or very upset, we look for foods to comfort us. In most cases, our comfort foods are the ones that do the most damage to our health.

The Role of Comfort Foods

When we are under stress, we look for foods to satisfy whatever is within us that is not feeling good or is upsetting us. Cookies, candies, alcoholic beverages, desserts, and snack foods like chips and flavored popcorn are often the first things we reach for. Most are full of calories, additives, and preservatives while lacking in nutrients. Comfort foods satisfy our need for taste. They often fill us up rather quickly, but we continue eating because the taste of the food is something we enjoy, no matter how bad it is for us.

Controlling Stress Is Up to You

When it comes to eating, most people have a very difficult time knowing when to stop. It may be easier to reduce the stress we are under than to eliminate something we enjoy too much to give up. Exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate stress and frustration. Relaxation exercises and meditation are others. Stress is one of the most well known causes of illness and disease. It can cause heart disease, depression, and gastric disease. Controlling stress gives us an upper hand in restoring our stress. 

When stress is properly managed, we can begin to enjoy our foods for the right reason without worrying about excess. When we are healthy, healthy foods are more appealing because they give us the energy we need to do other activities we enjoy.


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