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Stove Top Full of Food a Cooking

Eating healthy begins at home. While this may seem a simple thing to say, there is a deeper meaning in those 5 words when we think about it. 90% of the time when you think of eating at home, you think of cooking. Choosing your own ingredients, preparing everything fresh, and sitting down for a meal. The resulting meal is often much healthier than anything you would eat at a restaurant or order in. Luckily we have a few time-saving tips which will help you stay on track throughout your busy week.

Tip 1 - Weekend Prep

The most time consuming part of any meal is the prep work. When you have a free hour on the weekend, take the time to prep the ingredients for your weekly meals and save them in reusable containers.

Tip 2 - Double It Up

When preparing a more complicated meal, like a low-fat lasagna, double the recipe and make two batches. Once the "extra" batch cools on the counter, cut and freeze individual portions to take as lunch throughout the week.

Tip 3 - Slow It Down

Surprisingly the best way to speed things up is often to slow them down. Wait, what? We're talking about using a slow-cooker here folks. MRC has plenty of low-fat crock pot recipes online which allow you to throw everything in before you leave, and enjoy a healthy meal as soon as you get home.

We all know about eating healthy but still have "pizza night" at least once a week or go out for a meal every Friday. The habit of eating out can hit your wallet and your waistline pretty hard. Often the problem with cooking at home is the cooking! The time it takes to dice, chop, saute, heat and serve a meal can seem exhausting at the end of a long work day. For quick, healthy recipes visit the Metabolic Research Center's website often.


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