Why You Should Avoid MSG

MSGYou might have heard of the controversy surrounding monosodium glutamate intake that has erupted. Awareness of the dangers of MSG particularly arose from the 1980s to the present, with evidence of physical symptoms linked to consuming too much MSG.

Acceptable Daily Intake

It is unclear how much MSG a person should consume in a day. However, the Food and Drug Administration has indicated that side effects have occurred in people who eat more than 3 grams per day. This study was conducted in 1995, so it is a bit dated. Not only that, but it does report “3 grams without food.” Still, it could be used as a guideline if you want to know the maximum amount of MSG you should eat in a day.

Other kinds of research suggest that no more than 120 milligrams per kilogram of weight should be the Acceptable Daily Intake. In either case, a person with symptoms is advised to stop using MSG and find other ways to flavor food that are not as high of a risk to the health.

MSG Risks to Health

MSG has been known to cause a variety of symptoms in at least some people. For instance, you could experience headaches, numbness, flushing, tingling or palpitations. Too much MSG is also said to be the cause of increased blood pressure, and it can lead to nerve damage. Excessive use of this additive also could lead to serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart trouble and more.

Some of the more minor symptoms seem to occur in people who consumed more than the proposed ADI. However, it also is said that it is highly unlikely that a person would take in more than 3 grams daily with only .5 grams of MSG ingested per meal. On the other hand, some Harvard Research shows that some meals could contain more than 5 grams per meal.


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