Grocery Store Tips for Losing Weight

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The FDA spends plenty of energy and money working to keep our nation’s food supply safe. However, they’ve failed to consider another issue that may affect your health – inaccurate and deceptive food package labels. Sometimes it’s tough to know how to make healthy food choices when you’re grocery shopping, especially with misleading food labels. Keep the following tips in mind at the grocery store to make sure the foods you choose support your weight loss and health goals.

Tip #1 – Go with Whole, Fresh Foods

Fill up your grocery cart with whole, fresh foods, including lean meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts. You’ll notice that these foods usually don’t even have a nutrition facts panel, which is good. Go with whole foods most of the time and you’ll find it easier to lose weight and improve your health.

Tip #2 – Think Twice About Packaging Claims

If you’re choosing processed foods, think twice about the packaging claims on the product. Claims may or may not be true, so look at the list of ingredients instead of believing the claims. The FDA is fairly lax about packaging claims, so be aware of that when you see products that make claims that seem too good to be true.

Tip #3 – Skip Foods With Too Many Ingredients

Once again, looking at the ingredients list can help you decide whether to add foods to your cart. If the food has a huge list of ingredients or contains preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and additives, think twice before buying them. Just use a bit of common sense as you shop. You already know that breakfast cereals packed with sugar aren’t going to be a healthy choice, even if they have a label that says they’re “healthy” or packed with vitamins.

Tip #4 – Give Frozen Foods a Chance

Many people avoid the frozen food aisle, but some frozen foods, such as frozen fruits and veggies, can be just as good for you as fresh fruits and veggies. Frozen produce is frozen immediately, locking in nutrients, which means they could be more nutritious than the fresh produce that has taken several days between harvesting and when you eat it.

Remember, fresh, unprocessed foods are always going to be a better choice than processed foods. When you do go with processed foods, look for options that only have a few ingredients for the best results.



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