Can Kombucha Help You Break a Soda Addiction?

Bottles of Homemade Kombucha

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that originated in China more than 2000 years ago.  While there are no clinical trials being conducted to prove all of the health claims that are attached to drinking kombucha (and not likely to be one as clinical trials are expensive), the pro-biotic rich drink has gained a lot of popularity, and hype, in recent years.

While practitioners of western medicine withhold their endorsement of it because of the lack of hard evidence supporting kombucha, it still has value in what its probiotic content can do for people, particularly soda-crazed Americans. Truth is, it is easy to make kombucha at home, for pennies a serving, and it can be flavored in as many ways as there are flavors. The big advantage to this is that, for those with a serious soda addiction, kombucha can be a gateway to other healthier drink choices. 

Plain kombucha requires no special equipment to make, it simply involves adding a culture to a batch of sweet black or green tea once a week.  And, kombucha can be flavored with fruit juices or herbs and spices after its first ferment is completed, then bottled with a capper (or flip-top bottle) in order to produce the fizzy. 

That's right, kombucha is a lightly-sweetened fizzy drink. It's flavor is an aquired taste as it contains a significant amount of vinegar, so it may not appeal to everyone. It is acidic in nature and may require a limitation of consumption, at least initially, but it is a fizzy drink whose acidity, calorie content and ingredients can be carefully controlled. This is currently one of the most common fermented drinks that is being made at home. The ingredients are inexpensive, the culture is often passed among friends and neighbors, and the equipment and steps necessary to produce your own kobucha are quite simple. 


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