Three of Four Americans Consume Too Much Sugar

Blog Image: Three of Four Americans Consume Too Much Sugar

Consuming too much added sugar from packaged foods and sweetened beverages can have many negative health effects, such as weight gain, high blood sugar and an increased risk of heart disease. Early humans ate fruit sporadically and typically only during a few months of each year, as they had to compete with other animals in the kingdom.

Nowadays, sugar hits come around the clock. Both complex and simple carbohydrates formed from sugar molecules. These are broken down in the gut by digestion and the glucose is used by every cell in the body to generate energy as well as to fuel the brain. Once someone mentally connects sugar with the burst of energy it provides, he or she may inadvertently become dependent on sugar, and the side-effects can be detrimental. People should pull out all the stops to limit added sugar to their diets. In doing so, they will likely see the following benefits:

  • Lower Risk of Diabetes - Obesity, which has been directly linked to consuming too much sugar, is considered the strongest risk factor for developing diabetes and the prolonged consumption of sugary drinks and foods leads to insulin resistance.
  • Longer Lifespan - Most of us know a candy bar or can of soda are not exactly what our bodies need, but what you may not know is how much damage sugar can do to your body.
  • Reduced Cavities - Since it interacts with bacteria in your mouth, sugar is a major factor in causing dental cavities. Sugar binds to form an acid that is known to cause decay and feed bad breath.
  • Hormonal Dominos - Too much sugar affects more than just one's sex life, it can cause women to lose the hair on their head and grow it on their faces as well as develop an irregular menstrual cycle.

A review of sugar research conducted over the past five years concluded dietary intake of more than 150 grams of fructose per day reduces insulin sensitivity and increases the risk of developing chronic conditions like high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels or diabetes. After being exposed to the taste of sugar, people are willing to work harder and do more to get more sugar.

Sugar cravings can be triggered regardless of whether or not you are actually hungry. Most experts agree that sugar in moderation is not harmful. The problem comes when people overdo it and eat too much. A recent study concluded that 75% of Americans consume excessive amounts of sugar. You should limit refined sugar from your diet but be careful not to abruptly eliminate sugar from your diet, as you may experience withdrawal symptoms of irritability, fogginess, moodiness and low energy.


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