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For many of us, we think of food as something that tastes good or bad. We develop a food list of things we love, and things we prefer not to eat. Food, however, is more basic than just how it tastes. For our distant ancestors, the way food tasted was a way to avoid toxic foods. We tend to avoid foods that taste bad. In today's world, we are still driven by some pretty basic food functions such as the glycogen, which is an energy molecule our body produces after we eat.

Learning How to Eat

This is not about chewing food 32 times, but more about how to choose the right foods. Above, we mentioned food and taste, in this paragraph, it is about how to see food as energy because that is how our body sees food. To that end, there are three kinds of food — Food that is high in energy and last a while, Food that is high in energy and short-lived, and food that does not provide energy.

If you want to eat right all of the time, then you want to choose foods that are high in energy, but that contain energy that last for a long time. These are fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Foods that are high in energy, but the energy does not last long are what we typically consider junk foods. Sugar and fat are energy sources, but the energy in sugar and fats burns quickly, leaving your body looking for more energy. That is the chemical reason we binge-eat. Foods that do not provide energy are rare, and water is one such example. We need water to help digest food and keep our body running at peak efficiency.

So learning to eat right all the time is about picking the right foods and learning to avoid those energy pitfalls. To learn more about how to eat right, stop by the Metabolic Research Center where healthy eating and weight loss become much easier.


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