Tired of Starving in Order to Lose Weight?

Real Food for Healthy Weight Loss

If you've been trying to lose weight but can't live with the hunger pains, it is time to try a personalized weight loss program from Metabolic Research Center. We don't believe in fad diets. That's why we have you eat real food. Shedding pounds just to put them back on as quickly as you lost them will never be a sustainable solution.

Welcome to MRC Cary where we help clients just like you reach their goals through education, support, encouragement and celebration. If you've struggled in the past, don't worry. Our weight loss consultants understand what works and can explain why your previous attempts were doomed from the beginning.

Cary Metabolic Research Center

The MRC weight loss center in Cary NC is conveniently located near downtown Cary off of High House Road and next to an emergency veterinary center. Everyone is welcome at MRC Cary and when you stop in, you are always greeted by our upbeat, cheerful and knowledgeable staff. We are a fun and energetic center with a caring staff that continually motivates clients to lose weight and cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Our energy and enthusiasm has paid off in frequently receiving the most pounds lost per week award.

Classes and Weekly Events

The MRC Cary location offers several ways throughout the week for you to stay connected and accelerate your weight loss plan. These include:

  • Bi-weekly cooking classes featuring various healthy themes like “wraps around the world” and “miracle noodle extravaganza.” 
  • Thirsty Thursdays featuring healthy protein drink samples.
  • Strength training classes to work on toning the body and speeding up your calorie burns.
  • Medical days every Saturday with our physician’s assistant.

We encourage our clients to participate in as many of our classes as they can so they can reach their weight loss goals even faster.

Community Outreach

At MRC Cary, our mission is not only to help our clients lose weight, but to help build a healthier and happier local community. We frequently participate in local events and fundraisers to help those around us that are less fortunate. Some of the fundraisers we have participated in include collecting household items for a local domestic violence center and collecting school supplies to help financially disadvantaged kids in our public school system.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of nutritional, fitness and health care experts with several decades of combined experience in the weight loss industry. Some have experienced first-hand amazing results from their customized MRC program, and have joined our team to help spread the word and share their success with others. Our staff continually encourages our clients to reach their goals and just as importantly to have fun along the way.

Stop by today and take the first step on your permanent weight loss journey! 



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This place is great! They offer the support you need to reach those weight loss goals I have lost 20 lbs and only on week 8 ... It really works for a long term lifestyle change and not just temporary !


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