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A weight loss program is different from a diet. Diets are mostly short-term weight loss goals, but a weight loss program can be a lifestyle change that promotes health through better eating habits and weight loss through better nutrition.

There are a lot of reasons why people become overweight, but only a few ways to correct that fact. As mentioned, dieting can help people drop 5-20 pounds, but it may not be a means of keeping that weight off long-term. Do you want to yo-yo back and forth between being obese and being slim? The answer to that question is likely no. Who wants to deal with dieting all of the time. That is why a lifestyle change is more powerful than dieting.

If you treat weight loss by changing your habits, then the weight tends to stay off long-term. There is no more guilt when you change your lifestyle as there is with dieting. How many failed diets occur each year in the U.S? If you consider that over 30 million people in the U.S. have an eating disorder you begin to see how and why so many people are overweight and the struggle that the average American has with weight loss.

Because now is the perfect time to change your lifestyle head over to the Metabolic Research Center and discover a cooperative environment with support counselors, libraries of healthy and good for you menus, and a lot of people who are just like yourself and are also starting a weight loss program by changing how they eat. The Metabolic Research Center is a friendly place where people come to succeed in losing weight and gaining health.


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Loved the program and the people. They were always so helpful explaining products, suggesting how to make them interesting. Innovative ideas for menus. When i ran into a spell where I wasn't making much progress, they offered encouragement and ideas to break the plateau.


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