Revealing the Magic Behind the Potato Diet

Illusionist with Magic Wand and Hat

World-famous illusionist Penn Jillette of the award-winning magic duo, Penn & Teller, recently commented on his new book Presto: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales. The author of numerous books, articles, pod casts and magic tricks discusses the diet that allowed him to lose 100 pounds in just over 80 days. After years of struggling with obesity-related medical problems, the comedian's doctor discovered a 90 percent blockage in his heart with a BMI above 37. Jillette began a medical weight-loss journey on a potato-only diet supervised by his personal physician. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, also a published author. Dr. Fuhrman allowed the comedian to modify his "Nutritarian Diet" where 90% of the food consumed comes from veggies, fruits and nuts.

In Presto, Jillette claims to have eaten nothing but potatoes for the first couple of weeks with NO exercise allowed. Although Jillette has always been a bit coy when it comes to the exact details of the diet, he does admit it didn't have to be potatoes. He chose potatoes because he thought the name "potato diet" sounded funny. The doctor did require that he switch to vegetable stews after the initial phase of his weight loss program. He said he did not count calories but admitted he was consuming around a 1000 calories a day, which should allow a 6'7" man weighing 330 lbs. to lose weight relatively quickly. Truth be known, it does appear that the magician's diet included a lot of vegetables, fresh fruits, beans and nuts as well as a little chicken and fish.

In a series of pre-release interviews, the magician credits weight loss coach Ray Cronise with helping throughout his epic journey. A former NASA physicist, Cronise is a passionate innovator who is often remembered for his "cold exposure" research on weight-loss through thermogenesis. Nonetheless, once you put the numbers on paper, it appears all claims of a "potato diet" are the crafty illusions of one of the world's best magicians. After all, a diet that limits a person's daily intake of calories coupled with eating a balanced diet of real food, is indeed a legitimate weight loss plan. To learn more about losing weight fast and restoring your good health, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation.


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