Four Obstacles to Eating Right

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If you need to lose 5 lbs., eat a salad at lunch and do a power walk each day. If you are overweight or technically obese, then you need to know and understand your particular barriers to losing weight and keeping it off.

HABITS - Yes it is the nasty "H" word. Eating badly for people who are overweight is most often a habit that has become near and dear to their heart. Keep a food journal of what you eat and when you eat it. Avoid eating when distracted and be conscious of your thought patterns when you decide to eat.

TIME - Unhealthy eating can start with grabbing whatever is available whenever you have time to eat. This is the "motto for justifying junk food". For the most part, you know your schedule so plan ahead. Prep a zip lock bag with fresh slices of fruit or vegetables. Or, prepare a healthy wrap with lean meats and veggies to eat on the cab ride to the airport. Don't make fast foods the only option when you know you are running short on time.

COST - Most fast food places have an affordable $1 menu; but spend your money more wisely. The savings on a Big Mac and fries want mean much when you see your medical bills start to add up due to a chronic illness. So don't convenience yourself with the notion that the dollar menu is really a bargain. Fresh locally grown produce can be very cost effective for the most restrictive budget.

READ IT ON THE INTERNET - There is a ton of misinformation or misleading information posted online every day. If you're going to do research online, make notations with citations from an authoritative, original source, such as the Mayo Clinic.

If you are having trouble eating healthy, talk to a professional weight loss consultant or registered dietitian who can personalize a menu plan that fits your budget and helps you restore your health and wellness. That way, once you shed the weight, you'll feel as good as you look.


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