A Heart-Healthy Food that is Ideal for Losing Weight

Raw Jicama Root

Jicama is a large root vegetable that is technically part of the legume family. Its large size and brown exterior have led many people to mistake it for at type of potato; however, this superfood has far fewer calories and offers many health benefits that potatoes simply do not provide.

Jicama is sweet with a crunchy texture, and the fact that a 100 gram serving has only 35 calories makes it an ideal food for anyone who wants to lose weight. It is also rich in fiber, which means that you will feel full after eating a healthy portion of this fruit. Fiber also keeps your digestive system working well. The fact that jicama is also rich in potassium makes it a heart-healthy food, as it lowers the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, this little known fruit also contains folates, pyridoxine, thiamin, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese. It has a unique antioxidant that can protect you from cancer, infections and coughs and is safe for diabetics to eat.

Jicama is also easy to prepare. It can be baked or added to a stir-fry, soup, fruit salad or vegetable salad. In Mexico, it is typically eaten plain with a topping of lime juice, salt, olive oil and either paprika or red chili powder.

If you are looking for tasty, healthy foods that are low in calories, easy to prepare and good for your body, consider buying one or more jicamas and experiment with different ways to prepare them at home. These versatile vegetables are so easy to work with that almost anyone is sure to find an enjoyable way to eat them and thus benefit from the nutritional value that jicamas have to offer.


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