How to Be a Better Food Shopper

Woman Carrying Two Bags of Groceries

Going to the grocery can be a weekly chore for some. Navigating the aisles laden with brightly colored packages, hard to decipher claims of natural ingredients, and celebrity endorsed cereals can make it exceedingly difficult that you are choosing the best foods for you and your family. Try out these tips to become a better food shopper:

  1. Start with a plan. Whether you plan every meal and make a list of needed ingredients or stick to a weekly list of staple foods, make a plan for your shopping. A written list, whether on paper or done digitally on your phone, can help you organize your shopping. Look at the weekly flyer for your preferred store ahead of time and incorporate any fresh foods that are on sale that week.
  2. Start your shopping trip in the produce section. Starting in the fresh food sections will ensure that you fill your cart with nature's most colorful and healthy foods first. Try new kinds of lettuces and greens. Pick up colorful peppers and root veggies. Choose your favorite fruits and maybe even a new one to try. Search for information on an unusual produce find on your smartphone. You might find a new vegetable recipe to try out.
  3. Stay on the perimeter. The healthiest, freshest foods are kept on the perimeter of the store. Shopping the perimeter ensures your cart is full of those foods when you head to the checkout.
  4. Only go into the most necessary aisles. Need whole wheat bread or pasta? Use the store's signage to find just the aisles you need. Avoid the rest to prevent impulse buys.

With a solid shopping plan, you can make sure that every trip to the grocery results in healthy choices for your entire family.


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