How a Winter Chill Can Help You Slim Down

Woman Jogging Outside in the Winter

If you want proof that counting calories won't help you lose weight, consider Michael Phelp's daily eating habits. The slim and trim Olympian eats a staggering 12,500 every single day but still manages to maintain a healthy weight. Naturally, the fact that he has a rigorous exercise schedule certainly helps but there is more to it than that as even swimming for ten hours a day would not be enough to burn off all the fat he consumes.

Fitness trainer Ben Greenfield recently took a close look at Mike Phelp's routine. He noted that it was not just the exercise that made Phelps burn calories but also the fact that his body was working extra hard to maintain core heat while swimming. Because swimming is far more thermally conductive than air, it is not easy to stay warm in the pool, which means your body expends energy (and fat) as it struggles to maintain core temperature.

Cool Your Core for Better Results

Thankfully, you don't have to follow Phelp's exercise routine to burn extra fat, as there are many ways to give your body the opportunity to burn fat while staying warm. Take a walk, jog or bike ride in chilly weather. Go for a swim in your pool or at a gym pool if you have gym membership. Taking a cold shower from time to time can also be a good idea.

At the same time, bear in mind that you also need to maintain a healthy diet if you want to reach your weight loss goals. Choose whole grain foods, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and water over junk foods, processed foods and soda. Eating right combined with regular exercise is a winning combination that will help you not only shed pounds but also keep them off long-term.


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