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A top misconception that keeps millions from losing weight is that healthy foods lack taste. Not so. In fact, many spices and herbs that pack a flavor punch also pack a healthy punch. Here are 10 of our favorites:


  1. Turmeric: This Indian staple has been shown to reduce the inflammation that contributes to obesity.
  2. Cinnamon: A sprinkle of cinnamon on your whole wheat toast, oatmeal, quinoa or fruit can help keep not only your hunger but your blood sugar and insulin levels at bay, reducing your risk of developing diabetes.
  3. Cayenne or other hot peppers: There's a little something called dihydrocapsiate found naturally in all varieties of chili peppers and it's been shown to boost the body's fat-burning abilities when eaten three times a day.
  4. Ginger: Studies results suggest that fresh or powdered ginger may help cut cravings and curb appetite.
  5. Black pepper: Piperine, the stuff in black pepper that gives it that peppery flavor also helps to put a little pep in your step. It's been shown to help the body use nutrients more effectively and burn more calories through thermogenesis, a process by which heat is created in the body.
  6. Coriander: Another Indian staple, coriander can increase metabolic function and boost weight loss.
  7. Parsley: Studies suggest parsley may help reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, which can curb appetite.
  8. Cloves: They're a metabolism booster and an anti-inflammatory.
  9. Mustard: Mustard also is a metabolism-boosting thermogenic, and it's not just for hotdogs.
  10. Garlic: Results of multiple studies show that garlic can help your body better metabolize fats and carbohydrate, and may even help keep the body from creating more fat.


Ready to get cooking? Check out Metabolic Research Center's healthy and delicious recipes designed to help you stay satisfied while losing weight. 


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