Seriously... Eat Your Vegetables!

Legumes & Peppers

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. While an apple is technically a fruit, there are many vegetables and other real foods that offer amazing benefits, including helping your body to shed fat. In this "down-the-hatch" blog, we look at two such Superfoods and explain a little bit about what makes them so special.

Spicy Peppers — When you eat spicy food your body reacts. Your mouth might start burning and when it does your forehead gets sweaty and then the rest of you gets sweaty. The spice from the peppers is not hot but it creates the same effect and as your body responds it burns calories trying to regulate your body's temperature. It is the dihydrocapsiate that is found in spicy peppers that provides the benefit. This is a natural substance that increases our metabolic rate causing us to burn more calories without doing much work.

Lentils and Legumes — Legumes, including lentils, are both a carb and a protein. They are not a complete protein but can be useful in controlling hunger. As a carb, they help you lose weight by being a little tricky. These are long-burning carbs, which means that you can eat them and your body will not have the crash that occurs when you consume simple carbs like bread or cake. Carbs convert to glucose in the blood stream. Glucose is a type of sugar. So, when you eat a candy bar, your blood sugar crashes and you start craving more food. Food to your body is energy and that crash signals that your body is low on energy. By eating lentils or legumes, you give your body a long-acting energy source and avoid the crash. Without the crash, you don't have the urges to snack and graze and that can help you lose weight.

Empowering Your Body to Lose Weight Naturally

Of course, losing weight comes down to eating fewer calories than the calories that you burn. That is why foods like lentils are important. They allow you to eat less and still power your day. Hot peppers help you burn more calories so both types of foods offer a way to enhance the positive side of the equation: eat less and burn more.

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