Radishes Aren't Just a Decoration Anymore

Man Holding Bunch of Fresh Radishes

Radishes might be called the vegetables that get no respect. That’s a shame, as these colorful, zingy vegetables can be used in many ways. Radishes come in white, red, purple, green and two-tone versions, so they made a pretty plate. On top of that, they’re filling — a good thing for someone who wants to lose weight — because of their high fiber content. They have a low glycemic index, which means they won’t cause sudden blood sugar swings. And while oranges have taken top billing in this area, radishes have a surprising amount of vitamin C.

To get more radishes into your diet, look beyond the classic slice-it-into-a-salad radish concept. For a start, put those slices on some whole-grain bread, with or without other sandwich fillings such as meat and lettuce. Top with a bit of salt and pepper. Try grated radishes in place of or in addition to carrots in coleslaw. You might also grate them into raita, a yogurt-based Indian side dish.

Like many root vegetables, radishes can be roasted, a cooking technique that brings out the sweetness hidden underneath the bite. You can pickle them, alone or with other root vegetables. A jar of pickled radishes, peppers, carrots and green beans, with a few onion rings and garlic gloves, makes a tasty addition to the pantry and can quickly be turned into a salad topping. Braising is another way to change the radish into a culinary triumph. Cut in halves or quarters and sauté with a little olive oil and sea salt. You could also braise them in some chicken broth with just a touch of butter for flavor.

So take another look at the humble radish. It just might liven up your menus in ways you never imagined.



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