Slim Down by Slowing Down at the Table

Slow Down to Eat

There's a reason that wolfing down a meal leaves you miserably full shortly thereafter. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to react to chemicals released as you eat, registering that your stomach is full. In the meantime, if you're shoveling food into your system, it's a sure bet that you'll overeat, leading to unwanted weight gain or simply making it tough to lose weight.

To help you better pace things, Metabolic Research Center offers these tips:

  1. Sit down: Today's busy lifestyles make for constant multitasking and staying on the go. Often, this means grabbing meals while standing up, walking or driving, which can cause you to overeat. Sitting down at the table and focusing will help keep you mindful of our intake.
  2. Focus on smaller portions: We tend to eat what's put in front of us despite whether we're truly hungry. Use smaller plates for lesser portions to help limit your intake without feeling deprived.
  3. Remove distractions: Avoid distractions like watching TV or surfing the Internet while you eat, as it typically causes you to eat bigger portions. Take a few minutes out of your schedule and truly focus on enjoying each meal.
  4. Chew thoroughly: There's a highly likely chance that you're not adequately chewing much of your food. Take smaller bites and be mindful of thoroughly chewing each one.
  5. Put your fork down: It's a classic trick because it works - putting your fork down between bites. This helps to slow you down and keep you mindful of just how much you're eating.
  6. Drink: Down a glass of water before each meal and consciously sip throughout. This will help fill you up and curb your appetite.
  7. Have a conversation:Active conversation is another way to slow you down at the dinner table.

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