Reverse Your Thoughts to Lose Weight Faster

Woman's Positive ThoughtsDo we need to learn how to read our own minds? When it comes to many of the decisions we make, we do. Think about how much people struggle with losing weight. Think about why you start to diet. Have you reached a point in your life when you want to change? Many people reach this point every day, and they start a weight loss program. Maybe they lose five pounds and then something changes. In no time at all they are back to the same eating habits that landed them in the 40 pounds overweight category. The successful track for losing weight is not just what you put into your mouth — it is what you put into your mind. 

Food — It's a Drug

People do drugs to get high. People eat an entire chocolate cake to overcome stress. What is the difference? In our body both are chemicals that cause a brain reaction. It should not come as a surprise that food, like drugs, has an effect on our brains when our body thinks we need more chocolate, sugar, fat, or salt. These things are addicting. 

Overcoming the Food Craving

One of the things that happens is that we decide we need a type of food — say chocolate. It becomes an obsession. When we diet, and we cut out these foods from our daily routine, our body decides that it must have them. That is why diets fail. We do not realize the power of our body and mind to convince us that we need junk food. 

Dealing with Food Cravings

There is a different way to deal with food cravings. It is partially about having a conversation with ourselves. You have to realize that when we have these urges to eat junk food that it is our "fat talking." Our body is geared to store fat as a reserve. When we start to lose fat, our brain begins to "suggest" that we eat more. That is a natural cycle. However, understanding that is where the process of conquering food begins. By understanding how our brains create those cravings, we can change the way we think about food. 

When a craving comes just tell yourself, this is my fat talking. What I need is some water. Water is a key ingredient in weight loss. First, it helps our body work efficiently. Second, in all chemistry, if the solution is too strong dilute it. In our body, drinking water is a way to dilute those cravings. Also by recognizing those subconscious thoughts we change them. By asserting that we don't need chocolate, the cravings stop. 

At the Metabolic Research Center, we encourage people to talk to themselves because that process undoes the power that food has over those people trying to lose weight. Also, we encourage healthy eating over dieting. Stop by and discover how supportive a healthy diet can actually be. 



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