Can Snacks Be Helpful To Your Meal Plan?

Man Reaching for a Snack

Before we think of adding snacks to our meal plan, we need to choose the right kind of snacks. Chips, candy bars, sweet treats and fried foods are poor snack choices. They drain your energy and add more calories than nutrients. Instead of adding snacks that take away from your health, learn what ones will offer you the maximum benefit without the extra calories and fat.

Three or four small meals a day with a few snacks thrown into the mix provide sustained levels of energy as well as keeping your hunger pangs under control. Instead of eating snacks that weigh you down, try adding some new alternatives that give you an abundance of nutrients and boost your energy levels. Snacks that are high in fiber and low in sugar are a good start.

High fiber and high protein snacks are digested rather slowly allowing for sustained levels of energy that will get you through from one meal to the next. Peanuts, cheese, granola and fresh vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots make excellent snack foods. While they are relatively low in calories, they provide the maximum amount of nutrients and fiber.

It's important to provide children with the right types of snacks as early as possible. Instead of offering poor snack choices, provide them with snacks that are good for them. Children can learn to make their own snack foods when they are given healthy ingredients. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables will allow them to make a rainbow plate. Peanut butter, raisins and crackers can be turned into smiley faces. Give them the right options early and they will become lifelong habits.


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