Because the Box Said It.. Doesn't Mean It's Healthy

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There was a time when people didn't really read labels. "Healthy foods" weren't really a thing, and most people were satisfied to read the blurb on the front of a box that said there were 12 vitamins and minerals inside, or promised you a 100% recommended daily allowance of vitamin C or calcium.

Today's consumer is far more savvy and health-conscious. People understand the value of a nutritious diet. They understand that excessive sugar, fat and preservatives are unhealthy. They want to buy healthier foods. Big label food companies know this, too. Since they want to sell you their products, they have learned marketing techniques that allow them to fool you into thinking their products are healthy, when they really aren't.


How Food Manufacturers Get You

First, they create sub-brands with more wholesome sounding names. Food manufacturers use words that evoke images of health such as nature, bare, whole, naked, simple, free, pure, healthy, light, sunshine and organic.

They create packaging with photos and materials that give a natural, healthy appearance. They use materials that are, or appear recycled. They use muted, subtle colors like natural browns, greens and blues to attract you. They use photos of people who look healthy, or who are doing healthy activities.

They make claims: Reduced fat, low-fat, zero fat, reduced fat or no sugar, no preservatives, healthy, natural and pure. These claims are carefully worded, and don't necessarily mean anything. Take "natural" for example. What does this even mean? Nothing, really. Corn syrup is natural, but it doesn't mean you should make it part of your diet. When it comes to organic, unless it is labeled as Certified Organic — it isn't. The brand could be "Organic Skies" but that doesn't mean the food is organic!

Read FDA Labels; When In Doubt — Don't Buy It!

Read carefully to determine sugar, sodium and fat content. Check carbohydrates. Look at the ingredients to see how many of them you can't pronounce. Ideally, the most natural foods have few ingredients, and they are recognizable. Food companies are trying to make money. If you want to truly eat a healthy diet, avoid prepackaged foods and stick with lean meats and fresh produce whenever possible.

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