What are the Health Benefits of Black Rice?

Black Rice and Salmon Roll

If you want to add extra nutrients to your diet, consider adding black rice to your meal plans. It is far healthier for you than white rice and contains various antioxidants and powerful nutritional compounds you won't find in either whole grain brown rice or red rice.

Is Black Rice Better Than Blueberries?

Black rice has as much anthocyanin as blueberries; however, unlike blueberries, black rice contains very little natural sugar. Additionally, black rice has more fiber than blueberries, which helps to fill you up so you don't crave in-between meal snacks. What is more, black rice is rich in Vitamin E, a nutrient your body needs to keep your eyes, skin and immune system healthy and in good working order.

Anti-Inflammatory Aid for Good Heart Health

Black rice contains about 5 grams of protein per serving. This is more protein than you will find in other types of rice. Black rice also contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great addition to any anti-inflammatory diet. It is heart healthy thanks to the fact that it decreases atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries and inhibits cholesterol absorption. Furthermore, studies have shown that it inhibits mental aging and boosts both learning and memory ability.

There are plenty of healthy black rice recipes from which to choose. This versatile grain can be used in cold salads in place of pasta, tastes great as a stuffing ingredients and can even be turned into a healthy dessert if you mix it with low-fat cream, brown sugar, cinnamon and fruit. Alternatively, it can be eaten in the same way other types of rice by boiling it and then serving it with meat or beans. You can find black rice for sale at organic stores, Asian food stores or online retailers such as Walmart.com and Amazon.


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