Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Condiments


Those stubborn pounds that won’t let go despite your diet and exercise regimen, might be due to the stuff you use to flavor your food. Below are some of the more popular condiments and healthier alternatives to help you lose weight.



Salt is cheap and tasty and probably the most indispensable condiment in America. Your body does need salt, but not near as much as the average American consumes. Consuming too much salt will produce a hormone that causes water retention and in turn, water weight and cellulite.

Try instead: Mrs Dash seasonings! They are salt-free and full of flavor at a great price point. You can find these in grocery stores nationwide. There are a huge variety of flavors. Making chicken tacos? Try Southwest Chipotle or Fiesta Lime. Lemon pepper is good on just about anything. She also has a variety of seasoned mixes for chilli, beef stew, tacos, and more.


Sour Cream

Try instead: Plain Greek Yogurt. This might sound like it would taste nothing like sour cream, but give it a try just once and we bet you’ll be hooked. Plain greek yogurt has a very similar consistency to sour cream and tastes almost identical atop a baked potato or mexican dish. Plain greek yogurt is packed with protein and low in calories and sugar so we guarantee your waistline will see the difference.



Most people are aware that mayonnaise is a fattening condiment. Just a few dollops of mayo in a tuna sandwich give you about 200+ calories. Yikes!

Try instead:Fat free versions of mayonnaise or yellow mustard. Canola oil-based mayonnaise is also healthier than the original stuff. Yellow mustard is a weight-friendly condiment and a little goes a long way with its sharp flavor. Oh, and if you are using ketchup, reach for the low-sugar and low-sodium kind.


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