Chickpeas Are Great for Weight Loss

Chickpea Salad

You might have heard them referred to as Bengal gram, garbanzo beans, Egyptian peas or Kabuli Chana. But they're most commonly known as chickpeas, and they're a delicious way to help you lose weight. This versatile legume has a high satietyfactor, which means that it helps you feel fuller longer, making you less likely to snack throughout the day or overeat at mealtime.

Research published in the journal, Appetite,shows that study participants who ate a half cup of chickpeas daily, consumed fewer calories from high fat, low fiber foods. That makes sense when you consider that just a half-cup packs six grams of fiber and seven grams of protein. And, chickpeas are potent antioxidants that provide an array of benefits including regulating your blood sugar, digestive tract support and heart health.

Here are few favorite ways to enjoy them:

  • Toss with olive oil & spices, then roast in the oven
  • Add them to a veggie stew
  • Mash with avocado and enjoy them in a sandwich
  • Mix a handful in a salad
  • Add them to your favorite pasta dish

Looking for delicious ways to add chickpeas to your daily diet? Visit the Metabolic Research Center RECIPE section for weight loss-friendly recipes that are sure to satisfy. Need a little help finding and choosing the right mix of meals and snacks to slim down? Call 800-501-8090 to schedule a free consultation with a weight loss specialist at the MRC location nearest you.


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