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Weight loss is both a journey and adventure. If you have failed at dieting and exercising in the past, don't give up. Failing just shows you what didn't work for you in the past. The key phrase is "in the past". If you want to lose weight safely and effectively, you need to find what works for you and embrace it. Many diet plans are strict and do not allow for mistakes. The fact is, you are going to make mistakes. It is how you recover that is important.

Set smaller, more reasonable goals and give yourself a reason to celebrate more often. It isn't cheating if you are rewarding yourself for a job well done. When you work hard at something and are able to see the results, it is time to celebrate. Learning that a small celebration isn't a bad thing can give you the motivation you need to keep working towards your goals.

We are constantly being bombarded with television commercials and billboards that display unhealthy, but extremely appealing foods. The way to overcome the constant temptation is to change the way you think about dieting and weight loss. If you have a favorite food that you normally cannot enjoy while you are on a diet, work hard to reach your next milestone and use that food as your reward. Eating one forbidden meal does not make you a failure, as long as you keep in mind you have bigger goals to achieve. Then it becomes a well earned reward that gives you the strength you need to keep pushing forward.

Work with a weight loss team that supports your efforts. Celebrate your successes with them and the failures of the past will quickly slip from your mind. Keep looking forward because your future is waiting.


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