Benefits of Probiotics Go Beyond Digestion

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While probiotics are well known for the digestive benefits they offer, they can also help the body in other ways. As the probiotics work to help support the digestive system break down foods, they also help the body to absorb nutrients the foods contain. Through the absorption and utilization process, the body can use the elements the probiotics contain to boost the immune system, improve the circulatory system and rid the body of contaminants that can hamper good health.

Boost Digestion and Absorption

Fermentable carbohydrates can also help boost the body's ability to function more efficiently. These components not only improve digestion, they work to stimulate the growth of good forms of bacteria that are located in the gut. As the gut works more efficiently and nutrients become easier to absorb, the process of elimination is also fine-tuned. Ridding the body of the toxins and contaminants found in many of the foods we eat, helps the liver to function more efficiently and improves hormonal efficiency within the body.

Probiotics Role in Weight Loss

People who are interested in losing weight will often times include probiotics in their diet to help shed the unwanted pounds and eliminate excess water weight. According to article in, people who are obese often have and imbalance among the hundreds of bacteria found in the gut. Since certain friendly bacteria produce nutrients, evidence indicates that Lactobacillus gasseri may help with weight loss, the elimination of belly fat and a reduction of hip circumference without other interventions.

Reduce Harmful Stress

Probiotics contain many different elements including, but not limited to, dietary fibers, sugars that are not easily digested and starches. When these are introduced into the body, all of the chemical reactions begin to take place in the proper order. This helps to regulate blood sugar, eliminated unwanted pounds, improve liver function and take stress off the digestive system. Because probiotics work to make the body function more efficiently as a whole, they can also help to improve a person's mood and reduce the stress that is often associated with poor health and chronic illness.

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