Is Ketchup Bad for You?

Ketchup in Wooden Spoon

At the beginning of the year, you promised to start eating healthier. To prove the seriousness of your commitment, you cleansed your refrigerator and pantry of questionable foods such as cookies, ice cream, potato chips, and pizza. In your haste to eliminate every diet threatening food from your home, you skipped an important section of your refrigerator, the condiment corner. If you can relate to this scenario, you may be wondering if your favorite condiment, ketchup, is derailing your diet goals. The answer might be a resounding yes.

If you’re like some Americans, you turn to ketchup during all times of the day and night. At breakfast, you might pile the red stuff on your scrambled eggs. During lunch, you may douse ketchup on a serving of oven baked sweet potato fries. And, at dinner, you may not be able to resist the urge to smother your fillet mignon with this gooey tomato condiment. While tomatoes are the base for ketchup, most of the brands on store shelves are filled with a few unhealthy added ingredients. These problematic consist primarily of sodium and sugar. Sadly, many Americans already consume too much salt and sugar on a daily basis. For these people, eating ketchup regularly might be detrimental to their health and waistlines.

Fortunately, if you adore the taste of ketchup, all hope isn’t lost. When shopping for brands at your local supermarket, look for ones with no added sugars. Also, search for low sodium varieties. Better yet, make some ketchup at home. By doing so, you can choose the selection and amount of ingredients. You can also tailor your sauce to your own taste buds. Consider adding interesting spices such as cayenne pepper or garlic. After preparing some at home, you might never want to shop at the store for ketchup again.


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