Does It Matter When You Eat?

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There are so many fad diets on the Internet nowadays that it can be overwhelming when you're trying to pick one that is best for you. Truth be known, research studies have shown that most sensible weight loss plans are based on controlling the amount of calories consumed each day. Considering your individual health conditions, it may be better for you to restrict fats as opposed to abstaining from carbohydrates for fast weight loss, but both approaches have been proven to work. On the other hand, if you are serious about shedding unwanted pounds and restoring your health and wellness, nothing beats eating real foods at the right times of day.. and avoiding food at bedtime.

Unfortunately for those of us who love to hit the kitchen for a midnight snack, consuming fatty foods and lots of carbohydrates right before bedtime can play havoc on hormones, increase your blood sugar levels and boost insulin production, all of which can interfere with a good night's sleep. So if you must eat to ward off the hunger demons, stick with a lean protein, fresh veggie or fruit combination and think small portions. Several of the companies that specialize in weight loss programs, like the Metabolic Research Center, offer high-protein drinks and snack bars that are individually portioned. These products can be most beneficial in crushing cravings.

Some of the worst thinking comes from those who rationalize eating more late in the day because they skipped breakfast and/or lunch. This is never a good idea. For better appetite control throughout the day, do not skip your breakfast meal. It is "the most important meal of the day" and helps to set your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. However, don't start out with heavy carbohydrates and fats. A good high-protein breakfast of eggs, berries, and/or whole-grain cereals is a better choice. If you just don't have time, try a high-protein drink or snack bar.. but never skip breakfast.

As for the times in between breakfast and bed, timing your meals throughout the day can help maximize fat burning, balance the production of stress hormones and control your appetite by keeping your hunger at bay. But always focus on eating real foods, especially seasonal foods from local markets, and considering taking supplements to complete your nutritional needs. You will lose weight and restore wellness in no time.


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