Too Many Diet Sodas Stinks

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Many people think that diet sodas are a healthier alternative than regular full-sugar sodas.  Medical science is proving that is not the case, but perhaps not in the way one might think.  Diet sodas impact gut bacteria, and that's the real damage that it does.  Gut bacteria, that is the normal flora of the intestines, look one way for overweight people, and another way for people who are closer to their target weight. 

Although this is an oversimplification, gut bacteria grow based on what foods are being eaten.  This means that people with high processed- and high-carbohydrate foods grow one set of bacteria really well, and neglect the other.  And people with a diet rich in raw foods, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins have a whole different set of bacteria, and neglect the carb-loving bugs.  Diet sodas encourage the carbohydrate bugs to grow, more than the unprocessed and vegetable heavy diet bugs. 

Gut bacteria matter because what they eat, they change into other substances, which actually help the human gut digest foods properly.  They make more amino acids and vitamins available to the lining of the gut for absorption, and they help in many cases to simplify or detoxify the materials.  They also keep harmful bacteria from overgrowing.  Having the right bacteria available generally makes for a healthier body.  Diet sodas undermine that process, even though they aren't carrying the carbohydrate load that regular soda does.

In addition, diet sodas are very sweet, and in the big picture, getting used to foods that are more balanced and less sweet means that enjoying foods with less sugar becomes possible.  Foods such as fruit yogurt are actually more enjoyable when they are not sickly sweet, as the base food is allowed to shine. Check out the Recipes section of the Metabolic Research Center website for healthy drinks and great dessert ideas.


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