The Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

Woman Working at a Standing Desk

Many Americans today have "desk jobs" where they're required to sit, often for 4 to 5 hours at a time, twice per day, every week day. This habit is having a negative impact on people's health; so much so that many medical experts say "sitting is the new smoking." While there are many ways to combat this, such as getting up and walking for a few minutes every hour, switching to a standing desk can keep your efficiency up while providing many health benefits.

The biggest benefit we'll focus on, of course, is weight loss. Many studies have shown that standing while working, even for only a few hours in the afternoon, can burn as many as 200 additional calories compared to that same time sitting. Further, hormone balance is kept better in check with a standing desk. Standing for a few hours after lunch has been shown to reduce the blood sugar spike common after a meal. This can help keep your insulin down and your weight in check. This isn't where the benefits end, however, and we'll explore a few more which may entice you to make the switch for yourself.

Improve Your Health and Reduce Back Pain

It is widely accepted by many medical professionals and organizations that the more time you spend sitting the greater your risk of heart disease. Since 1953 doctors have been promoting standing as better for heart health. Over the years, additional tests have shown that prolonged sedentary time may increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%. In fact, prolonged sitting is so harmful to the body that even a full hour of intense exercise may not be enough to make up for the negative impact. The most noticeable benefit you'll feel after making the switch is decreased back pain. Participants in several studies have reported an improvement in lower back pain of up to 32% and upper back / neck pain reduced by more than half after only 4 weeks of use.

If it's in your budget, or your companies, a standing desk is definitely something worthwhile to look into. If you need to pitch the idea to your boss, do your research and present your findings. Chances are they'll really appreciate the data on standing desks improving mood, energy levels, and workplace efficiency.


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