How to Make Amazing Mustard

Jars of Homemade Mustard

Most people haven't thought past yellow mustard in their own kitchens.  Some have discovered a dab of German or Dijon mustard as a great flavor addition to their sandwiches or honey mustard dressing.  A common enough condiment, but nowhere near its medieval popularity, and nowhere near its flavor potential.

In the middle ages, mustard was bar none, the most popular condiment in Europe.  Noble and peasant alike used mustard on just about everything.  It was locally grown and inexpensive, and it was easy to make. Today's yellow mustard is the pale (at least in flavor) ghost of its medieval counterpart.   

Mustard is easy to make, although it requires some time on the shelf to mature.  It is a method, rather than a recipe.  Brown mustard seed is of better quality, and is available at many health food stores in bulk, and at many Indian groceries in large quantity as well.  The seeds are simply toasted in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.  Then they are either ground in a coffee/spice grinder, a food processor, or a mortar and pestle until they are powdered.  The food processor gives a more coarse mustard.  The mortar and pestle is labor intensive, but gives the best quality mustard. 

From here, the mustard powder can be sieved to get a creamy mustard, or used as it is.  Apple cider vinegar is added to the mustard seed to make a paste the consistency of thick pancake syrup.  Other vinegars can be used, but apple cider has given best results, particularly for the beginner.  Just enough honey or sugar should be added to be detected.  NOTE: This mixture will be very bitter when made.  

This mixture should be spooned into a jar.  A tablespoon or two of vinegar should be floated on the top, and more should be added over time if it appears to be drying out.  The jar should be sealed, and left on the shelf for 2 months.  At this point, it should be spicy but no longer bitter.  The spiciness decreases with time.  This method works for large or small quantities.  


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