Eating the Wrong Things... Is Really the Disease!

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Many people believe they are eating healthy even when they aren't. Too much of a good thing or eating the right foods in the wrong way are two of the biggest problems many dieters face. Learning how to eliminate the wrong foods from your diet and controlling food portions are just two simple ways to avoid experiencing a diet disaster.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to note how much you eat. Eating small portions several times a day will help you to keep your stomach at its normal size, allow you to feel satisfied and keep your energy levels at a moderate level. The problem is people who tend to eat more than a modest portion at any setting. This can enlarge the stomach requiring more food to be eaten to create feelings of fullness. Basically, the more you eat, the more you want to eat. Control your portion size and you will reduce the desire to eat more the next time you set down to the table.

Another reason people have trouble managing their weight is that they eat the right foods in the wrong way. A baked potato is an excellent pick me up for lunch. The problem is what you add to it to make it more appealing. A fully loaded baked potato can contain several hundred additional calories that you may not be prepared for. Limit yourself to one or two toppings instead of packing on the entire list. Look for condiments that are made from natural ingredients and are lacking the abundance of sugar and additives that many contain. Try to consume foods in their freshest state to gain the maximum amount of nutrients. It will also keep your digestive system from working so hard.


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