Nix the Excuses for Not Working Out


Infographic on Workouts


It's workout time! Are you ready to rock or chock full of excuses? Dubious justifications for skipping an exercise session abound. Believe us - We've heard them all here at Metabolic Research Center.

So, when we came across this hilarious excuse-busting infographic, we had to share it. Print it and keep it wherever you're most likely to be when the second thoughts start creeping up. And share it on your social media sites for a little friendly shaming of your friends who lobby the same crazy excuses. 

In the meantime, consider a call to your nearest MRC location, where a dedicated weight loss specialist can help develop an effective daily exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored just for you. No excuses! Contact us today at 800-501-8090.


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Easy meal plan to follow! Wonderful encouragement EVERY time you go! Praises for even small goals!!! I'm down almost 60 lbs and 71 in!!! Love this place!


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