Purple Is the New White.. at Least for Potatoes

Purple Potatoes

Eating healthy is often about making small changes and tweaks to your diet in order to maximize the amount of nutrients you consume with each meal. This may mean substituting one food for a similar but more nutritious choice, or substituting a processed, unhealthy snack or side dish for a healthy, whole food.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing foods is color. If you find yourself wondering if a vegetable is packing the maximum nutritional punch, just ask yourself: Is it bright? Are the colors a bright, deep hue? Is it dark green, red, bright yellow or purple? If it is, then you have probably made a good choice. Think about it: Most of the foods that are low in nutritional value are bland. Think white sugar and flour and low-value starches.

When it comes to potatoes, you probably already know that the sweet potato is nutritionally superior to the white potato. But, have you heard of purple potatoes? These vibrant veggies are rich in the anti-oxidant anthocyanin. This powerful substance is also found in foods like blueberries and pomegranates. Foods like this are rich in the anti-oxidants that fight cancer and boost the immune system. Simply switching out your bland, white or yellow potatoes for these colorful specimens can boost your health.

Remember, every meal is an opportunity to make choices that can increase your overall health and help you lose weight while you are at it. Always choose healthy, whole foods over processed, nutritionally deficient foods. Still, changing a lifetime of eating habits isn't always easy. This is why getting help and support can make all the difference. Metabolic Research Center is there to help you transform your habits and your life.


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