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Want to look and feel great for the rest of your life? Our weight loss specials at MRC Bentonville provide the weight loss motivation you need to succeed.

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Unfortunately most of these programs also allow you to regain the weight even faster. We want you to lose weight fast but without being hungry which will significantly improve your chance of keeping it off. At Metabolic Research Center it's about more than just a number on the scale — it's about regaining your health and wellness.

Visit MRC Bentonville for a free consultation and meet your new weight loss partner today.

Tried several diets (medical, WW, keto) before that were hard to maintain but MRC is by far the easiest to follow. The menus are easy to make, taste great and the dining out guide makes it a breeze to still have a night out. The benefits my wife and I have gained are priceless, two months into the program I had my yearly physical and my Doc was amazed at all my numbers and best of all I am no longer considered pre-diabetic! Tonya and Deb at MRC are really awesome, very supportive, and have great advice. They making staying on target really simple and even if you slip, getting back on track is a breeze. If you want to lose weight, feel great and have more energy this is the perfect diet. I’ve lost over 25 pounds and plan on losing more!


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