Worrisome Condiments

Bottle of BBQ Sauce and Ketchup


For those who are really serious about weight loss, condiments can be a big source of sugar, fats, and carbohydrates that can sneak up unawares.  Condiments like BBQ sauce, mayo, ketchup, and many salad dressings contain all manner of ingredients that are not helpful in a weight loss program.  Ketchup is a common culprit.  Most people are not aware that ketchup is packed full of sugar or even corn syrup.  This is what allows it to sit unrefrigerated on a shelf.  Some of these have removed corn syrup from their recipes and replaced it with cane sugar.  However, this is still an often hidden source of unnecessary, empty calories and often saturated fats. 

There are many ways to work around these condiments in order to improve the flavor and texture of the foods that are part of a day to day diet.  Plain yogurt can often be substituted for mayo and in creamy salad dressings.  Homemade vinaigrette dressings can be made to be low calorie and tasty and used in place of creamy salad dressings.  Salsa and mustard are great substitutes for BBQ sauce and ketchup in many places.  Beware of tortilla chips, however, as they are not a healthy option with that salsa. 

Salsa can be a tasty addition to a chicken breast or a pan-seared or broiled piece of fish instead.  Hot sauce and pesto are also good options when looking for a fantastic punch of flavor.  Hot sauce has no fat or added sugar at all, and packs a ton of flavor into just a couple drops. Ethnic foods have loads of other possibilities for condiments.  For instance, Greek cuisine features tzatziki sauce.  It is made with Greek yogurt.  This sauce is easy to make, full of flavor, and moistens up a dry sandwich with ease.


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