Why That Diet Soda is a Bad Idea for Weight Loss

Diet Soda Bad for Losing Weight

Looking to slim down? That diet soda might seem an effective choice. Not so fast, say researchers at Purdue University's Ingestive Behavior Research Center. In a recent study, they found that the artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas can actually cause you to gain weight.

The study involved feeding different groups of rats natural table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Results showed that rats fed no-calorie, artificial sweeteners ate more, gained more weight and packed on more body fat than did rats that ate regular table sugar. Researchers concluded that the increased weight gain and fat gain all resulted from the effects of artificial sweeteners on the brain.

This finding is right in line with that of researchers with the University of California - San Diego. Their research shows that the brain uses a learned relationship between sweetened foods and beverages and the calories that they provide to help regulate appetite and food intake. Switching to artificial sweeteners can wonk upthe brain's ability to properly register sugar-related caloric intake, causing your mind to think that your body isn't getting enough calories. This can cause an appetite boost, prompting you to overeat and back on extra pounds. Plus, studies have linked prolonged ingestion of some artificial sweeteners with serious health issues including thyroid problems and certain cancers. 

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