Why Portion Sizes Are So Important To Weight Loss

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As portion sizes continue to increase, it isn't just what you eat but how much eat. However, there is hope for your diet and some simple solutions for optimizing your servings rather than maximizing the amount you consume. First and foremost, you cannot let yourself give in to the "for 10 cents more" you can get the next larger size. It's not certain where or when this tradition evolved but most fast food establishments, convenience stores and entertainment venues have adopted this more for less marketing strategy.

An inexpensive place to start controlling portion size is at home and all you need is a measuring cup and a box of baggies. If you measure or count what you plan to eat and put the correct serving size in a zip lock bag, you will be off to a great start. This will discourage mindless eating directly from the bag, box or container and will help you monitor the amount of food that you are consuming. After all, it is easy to eat everything at your fingertips, especially if you are distracted by your favorite TV program or munching down while reading a good book.

When eating out, always ask for a doggie bag or to-go box up front. That way you have control over your portion size. As rule of thumb, just divide the serving into halves. That way you know you're cutting your intake by fifty percent. So, whether it is an oversized cup cake or a value meal from your favorite fast-food establishment, reducing consumption can pay big dividends over time.

Although the cost per unit for the consumer continues to go down, the price to society for our overabundance is constantly going up. Our foolish indulgence was just the tip of the iceberg. Overeating is now believed to be a primary reason for many health problems in America that have increased over the last half century. Bad eating habits, our change in lifestyle and our desire to constantly seek the best food deal when eating out are all culprits. The fact is, if you don't watch your portion size, there's a good chance your waistline will continue to grow.


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